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NSX-T Edge Node 3.2 Upgrade Issue – Hugepage Support

I recently did the first NSX upgrade in my Homelab! My Lab is running older hardware, HPE DL380 Gen8’s to be exact and this lead to an upgrade issue when attempting to upgrade my Edge node! Here is the error I was faced with: Edge switch OS task failed on edge TransportNode c7aa6c6e-1a49-423a-a5c2-87cfa0ba9e1c: clientType…

Auto Connecting Devices to a VMware Workstation VM

As part of my latest homelab setup, I run my vCenter Server VM and Domain Controller VM on VMware Workstation Pro 16 and not on an ESXi host. This is mainly so I don’t have to fire up a noisy rack mount server when I only need my vCenter Server for something. This did leave…

Centos Based Certificate Authority For The VMware Lab

A useful thing for a home lab or VMware lab, is a certificate authority. There are Windows based CA’s as well as Linux based and many others. I wanted to take the Linux based route for my home lab to give me some administration time in Linux, being that Windows is my safe place! After…

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