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Updating PowerCLI and Cleaning Up Old Versions

Following the recent PowerCLI 12.3 release, I’m sure many will be rushing to make use of some of the great new additions which you can find information on here.

I thought I would quickly show the process of upgrading to the latest version whilst uninstalling any older versions you might still have installed. Partly because I’m playing with creating video content at the moment! Credit to @colinwestwater for his article on how to clean up old versions, blog post here.


Update-Module VMware.powerCLI

Get-InstalledModule -Name VMware.PowerCLI | ForEach-Object {
$CurrentVersion = $PSItem.Version
Get-InstalledModule -Name $PSItem.Name -AllVersions | Where-Object -Property Version -LT $CurrentVersion
} | Uninstall-Module -Verbose

Get-Module -Name VMware.PowerCLI

VMWorld 2020 Registration is open!

This year, as much as we have lost the ability to travel and connect with people in person at this event, it has presented an opportunity for individuals to attend from the comfort of the home or office that many have been unable to attend in person in previous year for a variety of reasons.

Don’t waste the opportunity! Head over to the website to register for this years VMWorld 2020! – This years event is being held from 29th September to 1st October inclusive.

There are 2 pass options one of them is free! Why wouldn’t you attend?

Let me know in the comments if your attending!