Visualising Aria Operations for Logs Data in Aria Operations

Posted by James Tiffany on 21 Dec 2023

Its been a weird couple of years since I joined VMware. I have taken a step back from hands on, but with working with customers from such a diverse background I have had access to issues that have never presented themselves before. Presenting and blogging has always been something that was on my list of things to do but I always struggled to think of something to write or talk about that others might find interesting. It was not until I joined VMware and was able to use all that past experience with my customers that I realised I did have things that might be useful.

I have been lucky to work with some very clever people and as you can guess from the guest slot Stephan is one of them. We both have customers using VCF and talk about it a lot and that has naturally led to joint customer sessions and now the public speaking at great events like VMUG and UserCon.

The below article is a snippet of some work we have been looking into to help with customer use cases. This was based on how you could use the Aria tools in combination to enhance the functionality and also means you don’t have to sit starting at a screen all day or click around UI’s

The original question came in from a customer about a number of critical virtual machines they had in their environment that had been powered off and they had struggled to identify when it happened. Using Aria Operations for Logs and Aria Operations we were able to show the capturing of the events and how to forward these to Aria Operations where they became alerts. The demo only shows this but once you have this working the world becomes you oyster as you can use this to create tickets in your Service Management system, or take automated actions to remediate the issues. You can create dashboards, reporting all through simple automation that could end up saving significant time and lead to identifying and remediating issues much faster.

The below video hopefully shows you how easy it is to capture something from the logs, what you then do with that or how in depth you want to go is almost endless.

Thanks for reading!