Adding an Identity Source (LDAP) - Username Format Error

Posted by Stephan McTighe on 16 Jun 2020

I recently needed to validate some permissions using LDAP as an identity source. I hadn’t actually had a need to add an identity source to my Lab until now, so I set about adding my lab domain as a source, but hit the following error when trying to add it.

Check the network settings and make sure you have a network access to the identity source

To start, I looked at connectivity, firewall rules, DNS forward and reverse lookup zones but still had the issue. It was none of these…

The issue? It was the format of the username… I originally used the format 'domain\user'. This doesn’t work. You need to use 'user@domain' !

As soon as I changed the format, the source added successfully.

Some VMware links on setting up identity sources if you need some extra info -

Hopefully this is useful to anyone facing this problem!

Thanks for reading.